What are we about

What are we about

Story Summary

Would you join the crew of a time traveling robot pirate captain?
What if you didn’t have a choice?
Young Josie Blackwell craves a normal life where she can forget about the sorrow of her last few years. Instead she gets the adventure of a lifetime when she is press ganged into a crew of time traveling misfits and miscreants. Lead by the robot Captain IronJack, the crewmates of the Astrolabe include a cowboy from the past, an assassin from the future, and a small collection of other troubled souls. They need Josie to help with their never ending search for the mysterious Mandala.  Josie needs to correct the mistakes of her past. Unfortunately, the Temporal Anomaly Correction Taskforce also wants the Mandala, as well as the girl that holds all the secrets.
Can Josie use the crew to correct her past while helping them discover a dangerous device and keep the agents from discovering the Astrolabe’s location in time?
Can a half-crazed robot believe he’s a cutthroat pirate captain?
You betcha!

Ancient mysteries. Fantastic adventures. (the occasional larceny…)

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